April 1, 2023

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Benefits & Inclusions In Domestic Travel Insurance

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What is travel insurance for domestic travel? 

It goes without saying that it is a sort of insurance designed for everyone visiting India. Most of these travel insurance policies provide coverage for various medical and other unforeseen events that may arise while the insured individual is travelling. 

Advantages of domestic travel insurance 

If you intend to evaluate several domestic travel insurance plans in India, make sure they offer the majority of these features for coverage: 

  • Medical Expenses: You will be covered for any illness or injury, preventing the financial stress of such unplanned events from ruining your holiday. 
  • Damage or theft of baggage: If your belongings are lost or stolen, you will be given the required compensation to make up for the financial loss you may have to endure. 
  • Personal accident cover: While travelling, you’ll receive cash protection against unavoidable passing away, incapacity, and dismemberment.
  • Trip delay/trip cancellation: If you have to cancel your trip, the insurance will refund you for any fees you have already paid for tickets and reservations.
  • Customised senior citizen plans: These days, a lot of insurers offer adaptable plans along with active help to meet the wants of senior travellers.
  • Emergency medical evacuation: You will also be paid for any costs incurred if you need to be transferred in order to receive urgent care. 
  • Emergency cash: It’s a horror to lose your cash somewhere you don’t know. However, the policy frequently offers the option of receiving cash in an emergency to assist you.
  • Emergency assistance available around-the-clock: Most domestic insurance companies also give specialised customer care services to assist you with any unforeseen circumstances when you are travelling. 

If you suffer an unpleasant situation in India that results in unanticipated expenses, having bajaj allianz travel insurance will help you financially. Depending on the insurer provider, it will cover any personal accidents, unintentional loss, lost luggage or tickets, and other help.

What does domestic travel insurance not cover? 

Despite all the advantages, you should be aware that there are some rare circumstances in which your insurance coverage while travelling in India will not accept any claims. You aren’t generally protected from pre-existing conditions and their attendant consequences. Although a few of these typical exclusions have been listed below, they may vary greatly depending on the insurance company: 

  • Damage caused by terrorist or war-related acts, 
  • Medical costs associated with attempted suicide, self-inflicted injuries, etc. 
  • Traveling against your doctor’s recommendation or disobeying medical instructions claims relating to STDS, HIV/Aids, etc. 
  • If the insured sustains losses while intoxicated or using drugs 
  • If they voluntarily engage in risky activities or wrongdoing. 

In India, who can purchase travel insurance? 

The finest travel insurance can be purchased in India by any Indian citizen travelling within India as well as by any international visitor visiting or holding a work permit in India. Depending on the plan, the eligibility age can range from 6 months to 65 years. The level of coverage offered by bajaj allianz travel insurance changes depending on a number of variables, including your health status, the destination and the duration of your trip. 

These days, you may also shop around for and purchase various domestic and online international travel insurance. 

Unquestionably, travelling abroad is more expensive. Therefore, it is more advisable to have insurance; yet, it might be upsetting to lose money if you have to cancel a domestic trip or to not receive a reimbursement if your suitcase is lost. Returning to the original query, “Is purchasing a travel insurance plan in India necessary?” the conclusion is that it is. The numerous benefits of travel insurance help you enjoy discovering new locations!

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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